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The way of the soft palm and the hard fist.

Braughing - Ch'uan Chang Do Kung Fu Club



Mixed Sessions

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We do a range of exercises including bag work, sparring and set work, no two weeks are the same!

The club is constantly growing and already has a number of males and females members of all ages and abilities. So if you want to try something new or if you want to get back into the martial arts, come along and join in!

Training sessions start with exercises that warm and stretch the body. Instructors then go through various exercises that train the body and mind.

Basic exercises teach each student to block, kick and punch. Set work takes the student through a set of moves and is a fun and challenging way of developing a students ability without an opponent. This also gives the student an opportunity to practice outside the training venue. Most training sessions end with sparring. This gives the students an opportunity to practise their skills

Your first training session with the style is free.


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